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    Office Hours

    The Anchorage Hockey Association Office is currently closed for the summer!  

    Please contact us by email or leave a message at 272-7825

    Becky Geurts

    Office Manager


    AHA North Star Coaches and Tryout Times 

    for the 2014-15 Season


    “Where Proof is in the Coaching”

    Tryout Fee $55


    For more information on all of our North Star Coaches please click here: http://anchoragehockey.pucksystems.com/news_article/show/401636?referrer_id=48516


    Midget 18 Tier II

    Coaches: Scott Millar and Todd Green


    Midget 18 Tier II Tryout Times

    Friday          8/1/14    8:45 PM        9:45 PM      DA1

    Saturday      8/2/14    1:15 PM        2:15 PM      DA1

    Sunday        8/3/14    1:15 PM        2:15 PM      DA1


    Midget 16 Tier II

    Coaches: Steve Belde and Chris King


    Midget 16 Tier II Tryout Times

    Friday          8/1/14    7:30 PM        8:30 PM      DA1

    Saturday      8/2/14    8:00 AM        9:15 AM      DA1

    Sunday        8/3/14   9:30 AM        10:30 AM     DA1


    Bantam Tier II

    Coaches: Aris Brimanis, Cam Keith and John Decaro


    Bantam Tier II Tryout Times

    Friday         8/1/14       5:00 PM      6:00 PM          DA1

    Saturday     8/2/14       12:00 PM     1:00 PM          DA1

    Sunday       8/3/14       12:00 PM     1:00 PM          DA1


    Pee Wee Tier II Major

    Coaches: Todd Green and James McDermott


    Pee Wee Tier II Minor

    Coaches: Matt Shasby and Nate Shasby


    Peewee Tier II Tryout Times

    Friday         8/1/14       6:15 PM      7:15 PM          DA1

    Saturday     8/2/14       9:30 AM      10:30 AM        DA1

    Sunday       8/3/14       10:45 AM     11:45 AM        DA1


    Squirt Tier II Major


    Mike Fournier, Joel Carter and Justin Graves


    Squirt Tier II Minor

    Coaches: Barrett Heisten and Rich Gregorin


    Squirt Selects Tryout Times

    Friday         8/1/14       2:30 PM      3:30 PM          DA1

    Saturday     8/2/14       10:45 AM     11:45 AM        DA1

    Sunday       8/3/14       8:00 AM      9:15 AM          DA1


    U14 Girls

    Coach: Rick Trupp


    U14 Girls Tryout Times

    Friday         8/1/14       3:45 PM      4:45 PM          DA1

    Saturday     8/2/14       2:30 PM      3:30 PM          DA1

    Sunday         8/3/14     2:30 PM        3:30 PM        DA1

    2014 State Championships

    Congratulations to the AHA U16 Comets - Morgan team for winning the 2013-2014 state championship. Both AHA U16 Comet teams advanced to the championship game. Congratulations to both Comets - Morgan and Comets - Moren for representing AHA well.

    AHA Comets - Morgan ~ 2014 U16 C State Champions




    It's about kids. 
    It's about teaching:
    Character, Teamwork, Skills and FUN!


    Congratulations to Lisa Silance for being named “Volunteer of the Year for 2013-2014” 

    We really appreciate all your hard work on the many tournaments we hosted this past year and your willingness to help out with all the things it takes to run an organization as large as AHA.  Thanks from the AHA Board of Directors.

    An American Hockey Parent Handbook

    Helpful hints and important information for creating a great youth hockey experience. Provided by USA Hockey

    AHA Program Information

    For information about AHA's Recreational Program for Boys & Girls ages 4 - 18, please contact:

    Brian Gross

    AHA Recreational Program Director

    For information about AHA's North Stars Program, please contact:

    Theresa Austin

    AHA Vice-President for North Stars

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    AHA Lapel Pins

    Welcome to the Home of Anchorage Hockey

    The Legacy of Anchorage Hockey Association and the Anchorage North Stars

    Articles of Incorporation and by-laws for AHA were filed on June 6, 1961 making the Anchorage Hockey Association (AHA) officially 53 years old. The principal founder of AHA was Dempsey Anderson who coached for AHA for several years and provided skating instruction and moral guidance to several generations of Anchorage hockey players. The Dempsey Anderson Arena was named in memory of Coach Anderson. AHA is a charter member (since 1972) of the Alaska State Hockey Association (ASHA). Anchorage Hockey Association is sanctioned as an affiliate of USA Hockey, the national governing body for amateur hockey in the United States.

    As the largest and most comprehensive youth hockey organization in Alaska, AHA is proud of its legacy of being the leader in offering all levels of hockey to the boys and girls of Anchorage. Many past AHA players have advanced to higher levels of the sport in the junior, collegiate and  professional ranks. Many more have applied the lessons learned through participating in hockey in their everyday activities and have continued as volunteers in AHA. Whether you aspire to win the Stanley Cup or the AHA End-of-Season Championship, hockey will always be a part of your life you’ll never forget. The skills learned here will help prepare you for life – setting goals, developing leadership skills, promoting teamwork and fair play, respect for others, and giving back to our community. Many of our former players have come back to AHA as coaches and volunteers. We have multiple generations of proud AHA families and players. You, too, can be a part of AHA's legacy.

    To play the game is great; to love the game is greater.